Corporate responsibility


Atlatsa’s black economic empowerment roots are impeccable, with a 55% BEE shareholding split between Pelawan Investments (52%), a broad-based, 42% women- and 100% black-owned company, community trusts and an employee shareholder trust (3%). The Atlatsa board of directors contains a majority of historically disadvantaged persons (HDPs), many of whom have stayed with the company through its transition from JV partner and stakeholder to producer and operator.

The majority BEE shareholding addresses a key cornerstone of the South African Department of Mineral Resources’ (formerly the Department of Minerals and Energy) Minerals and Petroleum Development and Resources Act (MPRDA) of 2002. The MPRDA introduced a broad-based socio-economic charter, the Mining Charter, that sets a framework, targets and timetable for effecting the entry of HDSAs into the mining industry. Atlatsa is committed to meeting the targets of the Mining Charter and will continue to ensure that the majority BEE ownership works toward facilitating real progress in the company’s day-to-day functions.